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Snowshoe Hikes – New in 2013

Hike the Highlands will be helping people stay active this winter and hosting three guided snowshoes hikes. The snowshoe hikes are part of  the Hike Nova Scotia winter series.  The 1st one is a full moon hike on Freshwater Lake trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Ingonish Beach, on...Read more

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Adventures 2013 – Anything Could Happen

Its a new year folks, full of possibilities, opportunities and adventures ….We start off with a new slate, with dreams and hope. We begin to plan for 2013 and set goals. Like most baby boomers, my number one goal is to stay healthy, exercise and eat accordingly.  I also hope to lose weight...Read more

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Nikon P7700 Review

I thought I would begin this post with a short video of the Nikon P7700 to introduce you to the camera and some of its features. This camera replaces the Nikon P7100, 7000, 6000 and 5000 models. I owned the Nikon P6000 model and used it extensively when hiking as it was easily & quickly...Read more

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Hike the Highlands 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Wow some amazing photographs were submitted at this year’s Hike the Highlands Festival 2012 Photo contest. The quality of the photos keeps getting better each year. There were two ties and several close votes. This year’s contest involved five categories – fauna, flora, humour,...Read more

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Sunrise Hike a Success

It was so different seeing headlamps & flashlights with hikers at the Trail Head before the start of the festival’s first sunrise hike.  Everyone was early for this hike. Thirty – four hikers headed out in the dark on the  Middle Head trail at 6:00 am.  Our guide, Tim Reynolds,...Read more

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Cape Breton Hiking Challenges – 2012

  It has been a great year for hiking challenges on Cape Breton Island and it is not over yet.  It started with Hike Nova Scotia ‘s Distance award – 150, 250 & 500 km in snowshoeing, hiking and walking. Then Cape Breton Highlands National Park issue the Highlands Challenge...Read more

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10 Photography Tips for Hikers

Here are ten photography tips for hikers from an amateur photographer who enjoys hiking immensely : 1) Carry your photography gear in a daypack with a rain cover. Always carry ziplock bags or dry bags with you to protect your gear inside the pack. Daypacks will get wet even with rain cover usually...Read more