Breaking in New Hiking Boots

Scarpa Kailash GTX hiking Boots

It happened, the part I dread the most, my hiking boots were wearing out. My old ones had served me well but the tread was wearing down and I was feeling rocks. Threads were going in key spots and one side of my boot was breaking away from the rubber.  I order my new boots in spring from MEC and kept with the same boot – Scarpa Kailash GTX. My goal is to have my new boots broken in and ready for July 21st and complete the Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge…hike 3 mountains in one day.

The new Scarpa boots arrived in April and they seemed quite stiff coming out of the box. Looks like the breaking in time might be longer this time around. Patience is key and allowing lots of time.  I remember my old boots taking around  6 or more hikes before they were broken in.  Here are some tips for you when breaking in new boots. :
a) walk around your yard and get used to the boot,
b) Always wear your hiking socks, I wear Smart Wool Trekking Socks
c) do short walks on a gravel road, then proceed to go longer. Important to stop if you feel pain and get your boots off.
d) Once your boots feel comfortable, you are now ready for hiking on trails. Bring your daypack and hiking poles. Start by doing short hikes 4-6 kms – level and include uphills & downhills. Then medium hikes 6-10 kms and finally day hikes. Some great hiking trails to break your boots in the Cape Breton Highlands are Middle Head, Broad Cove Mountain, Clyburn Valley, Franey, Cape Smokey,  and North River Falls.

Below is a short video on lacing techniques which will help you prevent getting blisters :