Corney Brook Hike – Welcome back

This 6.5 km hiking trail on the Cheticamp side of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, returns to the Hike the Highlands Festival in 2012 after several years. It is a well maintained trail, quite wide and sheltered with trees. Hikers will be surprise by what it offers. It is located on the opposite side of the road from Corney Brook Campground. Be careful crossing the highway as it a busy section.

The trail follows a brook starting off and in no time you are high up on cliffs looking down. The climb is very gradual and you don’t notice it. Soon the trail progresses back to the brook which you follow thru a canyon until your reach the end to a small waterfall. You cross three bridges on this trail with the last one quite unique. I managed to see three toads on this trail each different in size.

Below is a  slideshow of photos taken during my hike on Corney Brook hiking trail.