Franey Hiking Trail Has Changed

You will notice driving up to Franey Trailhead in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, things have changed. The road is  wider, the parking lot has expanded. The Trailhead has been open and cleaned up. And there is more on Franey hiking trail :

a)  1st hill – As you begin the hike you will notice the trail has been widened by 1.5 feet on each side and crusher fine gravel has been added to the surface of the trail. This new surface continues until the start of the second hill.
b) 2nd hill –  trail continues to be widen by 1.5 feet on each side. At top of second hill you will notice an area open & cleaned out and a look-off to your left. Here you can see your first look at the Clyburn Valley and River.
c) The 3rd & 4th hill sections of the trail have been widened and you will noticed some improvements to parts of the stairs sections.
d) 5th hill – you will noticed new stair sections have been added to make it easier for you to reach the top of the trail
e)  On the loop down, old fire road, its has been widened by 2.5 feet on each side.
f) Below are some pictures taken on Franey Hiking Trail….note the leaves had not come out so trees look bare.


Many thanks to the trails crew of Cape Breton Highlands National Park for their fine work on the improvements to the Franey hiking trail and for making this classic hike even better. Franey is one of the hikes featured at 2012 Hike the Highlands festival, Sept. 14-23.


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