Hiking Middle Head on Easter Sunday

It was a cool and breezy day when I got of the car and headed to the trailhead of Middle Head, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Ingonish Beach.  It wasn’t long on the trail when I switched apparell – put on a toque and winter gloves.  It felt like winter hiking today rather than spring hiking. The high winds today provided some excellent opportunities for some coastline shots of waves breaking on the rocks.

The trail had weather well over the winter with only 3 windfalls down going out and one coming back on the Keltic loop. There was more snow towards the end of the trail and along the Keltic loop than anywhere else.  This can be expected when hiking in the spring. My boots spent alot of time by the wood stove drying each night on this easter weekend.

It was cool at the head with some great views of Cape Smokey, the ocean, and the coastline. The waves were breaking on the rocks and you could feel the spray coming up. I had to clean my filter lens a few times. Below are a few pictures of the hike.

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