Snowshoeing – Great Winter Activity

Snowshoeing is a great winter sport to enjoy the outdoors.

One of Cape Breton Highlands favorite activities in the winter is to go out and explore trails by snowshoe. So far this winter conditions have been ideal for this sport with lots of snow. Did you know snowshoeing is one of the best aerobic sports for keeping in shape….an average of 600 calories per workout. It is safe and low impact sport,  good for strength and endurance.  Adding poles provides an even better workout with your shoulders, arms and back muscles plus helps you with balance going up and down hills.  

Snowshoeing with poles is a great aerobic workout burning on average 600 calories per workout

Some excellent resources on snowshoeing are out there are the Take the Roof off Winter website with Recreation Nova Scotia and NS Health & Wellness and Annapolis County Recreation Newsletter on Snowshoeing. 

Les Amis du Plein Hiking Club based out of Cheticamp have weekly events on snowshoeing throughtout the winter along with North Highlands Nordic in Cape North which rents snowshoes as well.  Their are lots of trails to enjoy in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park such as Salmon Pool and Clyburn Valley.