Surprises on the Branch Pond Look-off Trail

It was a day full of surprises….first the weather changed from an overcast day to hot sunny day – 20 plus degrees. Then I saw my first spruce grouse of the year.  At the 1st look-off, I caught up with and met a nice couple from Pennsylvania who were bird watchers. We had a nice chat about everything including the benefits of trekking poles. I think I convinced them to invest in a pair each. They are regulars to  Cape Breton Highlands National Park  for the past 10 years or so. This year besides Branch Pond they hiked Glasgow Lakes Look-off trail.

After lunch, I headed to Branch Pond…and stopped at the cabin which was in great shape. Coming back, I ran into more spruce grouse, a Dad and a chick.  I waited for both of them to go into the woods before I went by them.    Below are some pictures of the Branch Pond Look-off trail hike. This year Hike the Highlands festival will be hiking Warren Brook which continues past the Branch Pond trail and on your way to Lake of Islands and finally Warren Brook.