Thank-you Hikers

Cape St. Lawrence

Over 460 hikers enjoyed 18 guided walks during the 10 days of Hike the Highlands Festival. Two hundred plus hikers went to seven evening presentations and over 100 to the opening & closing ceremonies. Your support for the 4th annual Hike the Highlands festival was overwhelming.  Thank-you for your continued support of this festival, your word of mouth advertising, your compliments, your suggestions on how to improve it, your smiles and friendliness. You are what makes this special and rewarding for all our volunteers. Because of you, our team puts their best effort forward in hosting this festival annually. 

Over the next few weeks, our team will be meeting to evaluate and plan for next year’s festival. We will be announcing the 2008 dates soon.  Thanks again to all the hikers who came and supported our 4th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival. We look forward to see you on the trails again in 2008.