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A new hike – Foxback Trail

                        Day 6 of the festival had over 70 plus hikers enjoyed the Skyline Trail, Foxback Trail and MacIntosh Brook. A new hike Foxback trail located in Pleasant Bay provided some amazing views of mountains as well the...Read more

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Sunny with a Breeze – Great Hiking Conditions

Today’s weather, sunny with a breeze on Day 5 of Hike the Highlands Festival, provided perfect hiking conditions for the three hikes today. Acadien, Le Buttereau & Le Chemin du Buttereau,  and Cheticamp Gypsum Mine Trail were well attended with over 100 hikers. The Acadien trail  with...Read more

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Day 7 – Sun is Back

  The big news on Day 7 – the sun was back. The morning started out chilly at 12 degrees but soon warmed up to a high of 27 degrees. Three hikes today – Branch Pond (14 km), Branch Pond Look-off (8.4 km) and White Point Sunset Hike (4 km). Day 8 hikes are – […]Read more

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Day 5 – Cheticamp Area

The weather cooperated nicely with just a few sprinkles on Day 5 of Hike the Highlands Festival.  100 plus hikers enjoyed three trails – Skyline (loop) , Le vieux chemin du Cap Rouge and Corney Brook on the west side of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. In the evening,  hikers were...Read more

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Preparing for the season – Part 3 – Fitness Level

It has been a quite a winter here in Northern Cape Breton and the highlands. It looks like it will be another month or so before the trails will be clear before hiking starts.  Throughout the winter, many of us have stayed active by snowshoeing, walking, skating, skiing and working out indoors (...Read more

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Day 8 – Roberts Mountain & White Point hikes

It was cool and windy (30-50km) on the morning’s hike on Roberts Mountain. White cap waves averaging 2-3 feet high could be seen on the ocean. Toques, gloves and warm clothes were the norm on this hike especially on top and coming down the mountain.  Hikers enjoyed the great view of the...Read more

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Day 7 – Views, Clouds & Moose

Day 7 of Hike the Highlands Festival, featured three great hikes today – Acadien, Le Buttereau, and Sunset hike on Skyline.  Hikers enjoyed the great view at the summit of Acdien and community of Cheticamp. TripAdvisor reviewers rate Acadien hiking trail as one Cheticamp’s top...Read more

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Bull Moose and the Rutting Season

  Did you know the first full moon in September is the start of the rutting season for moose in northern Cape Breton. A number of us learn that last year at Hike the Highlands after returning from our sunset hike.   Not sure what rutting means, well its mating & breeding time for moose....Read more

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Good on Ya – 3 Peaks Challenge Teams

It is not easy task hiking 3 mountains in one day especially when there is heat involved. But 24 teams excepted the challenge and hiked Roberts Mountain, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Franey Mountain on July 19th at the 5th Annual Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge. The weather was 24 degrees with a...Read more

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Spring Hiking – Red Island Trail

Like most hikers at this time of the year, it is hard to say no when the warm weather hits and its a beautiful day out there.  Off we went to the Red Island trail, Indian Brook, on Cabot Trail.  There was alot of discussion – will there be snow on the trail, can we […]Read more