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Wed 10 Sep 2014 admin Cape Breton Highlands National Park / Clyburn Valley hiking Trail 0 comment / / / /

Bull Moose and the Rutting Season

  Did you know the first full moon in September is the start of the rutting season for moose in northern Cape Breton. A number of us learn that last year at Hike the Highlands after returning from our sunset hike.   Not sure what rutting means, well its mating & breeding time for moose....Read more

Sat 21 Sep 2013 admin Meat Cove Mountain 0 comment / / / / / / /

Day 8 – Meat Cove – Spectacular Coastal Scenery

It was day to explore and experience the spectacular coastal scenery that Meat Cove hiking trails has to offer.  It began with the Meat Cove mountain hike which offer two outstanding views from either direction of the big rock.  At lunch time, many hikers walked the boardwalk trail down to the...Read more

Fri 20 Sep 2013 admin 2013 Hike the Highlands Festival / Fishing Cove Hiking Trail / Pollett's Cove 0 comment / / / / /

Day 7 – Pollett’s Cove and Fishing Cove

It is the day of the long hikes – Pollett’s Cove and Fishing Cove but with great weather and scenery for hikers to enjoy. Pollett’s Cove hike is well known for its spectacular seacoast scenery. Michael Haynes, author of several hiking books, rates this trail as his most favorite...Read more

Wed 18 Sep 2013 admin Cape Breton Highlands National Park 0 comment / / / / / /

Day 5 – Cape Breton Highlands National Park

  The Hike the Highlands festival is fortunate to have in our own backyard the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It has been a valuable partner in all 10 years of our festival and provided some great hiking trails for hikers to enjoy during the 10 day festival. Today’s hikes took part...Read more

Sun 15 Sep 2013 admin 2013 Hike the Highlands Festival / CBHNP / Franey Hiking Trail 0 comment / / / / / / / / /

Day 2 – Weather Cooperates

The big news of the day, the weather cooperates and we managed to miss most of the tropical storm Gabrielle at the Hike the Highlands Festival. The day began with a sunrise hike at Middle Head. Close to 30 people got up early and took in the 6:00 am. hike. It was well worth it […]Read more

Sat 14 Sep 2013 admin Hike the Highlands / Nature & Landscape Photography / Wally Hayes / White Point 0 comment / /

Managing Your Digital Library – Making it Easier

Lets face it, most photographers would like to spend more time shooting than editing.  It was clear by their questions and interest, managing your digital library was a very important topic at the Expanding your Horizons – Landscape & Seascape Photography Workshop.  Wally Hayes,...Read more

Wed 28 Nov 2012 admin 2012 Hike the Highlands Festival / Nature & Landscape Photography / Photo Contest / Photography 0 comment / /

Hike the Highlands 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Wow some amazing photographs were submitted at this year’s Hike the Highlands Festival 2012 Photo contest. The quality of the photos keeps getting better each year. There were two ties and several close votes. This year’s contest involved five categories – fauna, flora, humour,...Read more

Sat 15 Sep 2012 admin 2012 Hike the Highlands Festival / Middlehead Hiking Trail 0 comment / / /

Sunrise Hike a Success

It was so different seeing headlamps & flashlights with hikers at the Trail Head before the start of the festival’s first sunrise hike.  Everyone was early for this hike. Thirty – four hikers headed out in the dark on the  Middle Head trail at 6:00 am.  Our guide, Tim Reynolds,...Read more

Tue 04 Sep 2012 admin 2012 Hike the Highlands Festival / Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge / Cape Breton Highlands National Park / Hike Nova Scotia 0 comment / / / / / / /

Cape Breton Hiking Challenges – 2012

  It has been a great year for hiking challenges on Cape Breton Island and it is not over yet.  It started with Hike Nova Scotia ‘s Distance award – 150, 250 & 500 km in snowshoeing, hiking and walking. Then Cape Breton Highlands National Park issue the Highlands Challenge...Read more