Cape Smokey

Trail Information

Friday, September 21, 2012 – 9:00am

A semi -maintained and moderately challenging trail that  travels up and down Smokey mountain.  One can rest weary feet at the various rest stops along the way. There are benches located at 1.1 km and 3.5 km. As well, there are lookoff sites at 1.6 km, 1.9 km, 2.1km, 2.7 km and at the trail end (4.5 km). Since the ocean is beside you during the trail, you may have the opportunity to see a whale or two as well moose.. If you don’t see a moose you can still take in a new growth of mountain ash, birch, spruce, pine, and striped maple. There was a forest fire herein 1968 so there are many blueberry bushes for those who enjoy picking and munching. The view at the end of the trail is outstanding – you can see Middle Head and Keltic Lodge as well Ingonish Harbour and Ingonish Island. 11 km. 3-4 hours. Difficulty Rating – 4C

Trail head / Starting Point: Cape Smokey Provincial Park –

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