Meat Cove Look-off

Trail Information

Sunday, September 10, 2017 – 10:00 am.

Start at the Meat Cove Welcome Center. Climb up the Fraser Trail to meet the Cape St. Lawrence Trail. Continue up the Cape St. Lawrence Trail to the Meat Cove Look Off turnoff). The hike thus far is on a well defined trail/road. Time approximately 30 minutes. The Look Off Trail is ‘in the woods’ and less defined. Flagging is obvious but one must negotiate some underbrush and branches. Continue up the Look Off Trail for another 30 minutes to the ‘brink’ overlooking Meat Cove River and the Cape Breton northern coast to Bay St. Lawrence. The trail returns going north along the ridge (wonderful views) and then making its way down a rather gentle slope through small open hardwood and back to the Cape St. Lawrence Trail. Continue down the trail to Meat Cove. Do not return on the Fraser Trail but continue on the Cape St. Lawrence Trail back to ‘downtown’ Meat Cove. If you like, stop at the Chowder Hut and/or check out the new bridge to the beach. Continue down the main road and back to the Welcome Center.

Time/Distance: 2.5 hrs / 4.5 km
Difficulty Rating: 4C
Trail head/Starting Point: Meat Cove Welcome Center