Pollett’s Cove

Trail Information

Thursday, September 19, 2013,  9:00am

This trail offers some of Nova Scotia’s best seacoast scenery. This is a day long hike…so please bring your lunch,  snacks, extra water and your camera.  Michael Haynes author of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Hiking Trails books rates this trail as his most favorite one.

Time/Distance: 7-8 hrs / 18 km

Difficulty Rating: 5E

Trail head/Starting Point:
Parking, registration, and trailhead: at the end of the Red River Road. Turn off of the Cabot Trail in Pleasant Bay at the intersection. There is a Y – keep right and continue for 9.4 km – over the Red River bridge onto the dirt road, past the Gampo Abbey, to the end of the road. There is an obvious parking area. Do not drive over the bridge with a gate on the far side.