2007 Photo Contest Winners

The results are in and judges have spoken.  Here are the winners in each category with honorable mention. Thank-you for all the entries.   Winners – 1) Best Picture – Janet Hutchingson, Lawrence, Kansas, USA,  2) Best Scenery -White Point – Patricia McCormack, Port Hawkesbury,  Honorable mention – Sugarloaf – Neil Yan, Markham, Ontario,  3) Best Plant – Tina Shea on Franey,  Honorable Mention – Bob Harrison, Mushroom,  North River Little Falls,  4) Best Humour –  Sharon Proctor, Cape St. Lawrence – Pony,  Honorable Mention –  Dupie-Milne Ashton,  North River Little Falls,  5) Best People – Janet Hutchingson, Lawrence, Kansas,  Honorable Mention – Bob Harrison, Skyline,  6) Best Animal – Bull Moose, Skyline,  Bob Harrison,  Honorable Mention – Pony, Cape St. Lawrence, – Bob Harrison.

The photos below will be uploaded to the web site in a next few days.

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