Guided Wilderness Hike -Full of Adventure

September 21, 2008 By Tom Wilson Uncategorized

Seventy plus hikers enjoyed Friday’s hikes at Guide Wilderness Adventure Trail, Branch Pond and Middle Head. Another sunny day provided hikers with lots of great photo opportunities and of course adventure on the trails. Special thanks to our guides & sweeps today for an amazing day on the trails – Lawrence Barron, Lisa dixon and Shaune Warren at Guided Wilderness Hike, Jocelyne Quann, Sheldon Lambert,  Leona Stockley and Sharon Proctor at Branch Pond and Jocelyne Quann, Lydia Stepanovic and Brendan Twaig at Middle Head.

Adventure was the story at the Guided Wilderness Hike at Ingonish Harbour. For many it brought back our youth days where we did lots of exploring.  We walked over rocks, logs, planks to cross the river and used our walking sticks and poles for balance. Some were graceful and overs not but all of us have memories of doing this hike and of course seeing those incredible falls at the end.

Here a few pics of the Guided Wilderness Hike –

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