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Trailpeak Website

Trailpeak website provides a wealth of information on trails and divides itself into three sections – water (kayaking kite & surf, canoeing), earth (hiking, mtn. biking, climbing) and snow (cross country skiing, back country and snowshoeing). It has developed a database where their staff as well the trail users like yourself can enter information on various trails throughout Canada. You can join free as a member or pay a membership fee of $25.00 to download GPS co-ordinates of trails as well receive other membership benefits.

Trailpeak website features a number of hikes in the Hike the Highlands Festival. some of these include Franey, Middle Head, White Point, Sugarloaf, Cape Smokey, Uisge Ban falls, North River Falls, Skyline, L’Acadian,  Clyburn Valley and Freshwater lake. The Trailpeak staff visited the area a few years back in a FAM Tour sponsored by  Cape Breton Highlands Project and tourism industry of the area. Note: Some changes have taken place to the North River Falls trail and Uisge Ban falls since the Trailpeak’s visit to Nova Scotia.

Defintely, take a peak at this website. I am sure you will enjoy it as well give you a different perspective (from other hikers) on some of the trails featured in this year’s Hike the Highlands Festival.

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