Trip Planning Tool – A Wiki

With just 10 weeks away from 4th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival, it is time to start planning your trip to Cape Breton Island.  A very useful planning tool is a wiki. It allows you to communicate easily with family and friends in planning your trip together.   A wiki is a free web site that uses three main items – edit, write and save.  Take a look at this video – Wikis in Plain English below by Commoncraft Show, that shows how four friends planned a camping trip together using a wiki.

Are you interested ?  Yes. Wanted to know more ? You bet.  A wiki can be private or public web site.  Private – you share with your friends or family only, Public – everyone can see it.  Want to try it out – plan a hike with your friends. You should include things to bring,  and of course the hiking trail and its location.  Visit Victoria County Hiking Trails or Hike the Highlands Festival web sites for info and links to hiking trails.  Three web sites that offer free wikis are PBwiki , Wetpaint and Wikispaces. My favorite is pbwiki.