2017 Photo Contest

Thanks to all the hikers who submitted photos to the 2017 Hike the Highlands Festival Photo Contest.
Below are the winners :


FAUNA Category 
1) Karin Asseff
2) Phil Rossino
3) Hugh Kindred


FLORA Category 
1) Hugh Kindred
2) Phil Rossino, Karen Asseff, Elaine Cameron (tie)

HUMOUR Category 
1) Juanita Sauve
2) Trish McCormick
3) Phil Rossino 

PEOPLE Category 
1) Elaine Cameron
2) Hugh Kindred
3) Juanita Sauve and Karin Asseff (tie)

SCENERY Category 
1) Trish MCormick
2) Phil Rossino
3) Evelyn Hiltz