3 Peaks – Blueberry Mountain

Trail Information

Saturday, July 21, 2018  7:00 am.

The first section of the trail climbs alongside the river for the first half hour where you’ll need to watch out for tree roots and rocks.  Once you cross the river you’ll have a gradual climb as it winds up what was once part of the old Cabot Trail from the Cap Rouge to the Skyline. The last section has a bit of a climb and then meanders through moose country of grassy sections, shrubbery and old weathered trees. You walk along the ridge, at the first fork, head left, at the second fork, head left or right – both directions bring you to beautiful spots. At the top, it’s like walking on sponge as the mountain top is covered in wild blueberry and cranberry patches and moss. At the tip, you are rewarded by views of mountains, coastline and the ocean.  A perfect spot for a picnic or a snack!


Time/Distance: 2.5 hrs / 7.25 km

Difficulty Rating: 4C

Trail head/Starting Point:
Park at the Cap Rouge Look-off.  Trailhead – Cross the road and there is an old green MT&T post to the left, that’s the start of the trail.