Sunny with a Breeze – Great Hiking Conditions

acadienToday’s weather, sunny with a breeze on Day 5 of Hike the Highlands Festival, provided perfect hiking conditions for the three hikes today. Acadien, Le Buttereau & Le Chemin du Buttereau,  and Cheticamp Gypsum Mine Trail were well attended with over 100 hikers.

The Acadien trail  with its amazing views at the top did not disappoint. TripAdvisor reviews rate this hike as one of the top attractions in Cheticamp.  The Le Buttereau and Le Chemin du Buttereau provided hikers with what life was like in early days with Acadien villages.  Hikers were able to learn about their families and see their foundations of houses.

The Cheticamp Gypsum Mine hike provided amazing views of the lake at the end of the trail. Nine  hikers accepted the challenge and jump into the refreshing lake and cooled off.

Forty Hikers in the evening, enjoyed Colin Grant, well known fiddler, play at Doryman Pub & Grill. The Nature Bookstore, Aucoin’s Bakery and local restaurants were favorite stops of many hikers in their visit to Cheticamp today.

Acadien Trail – Photo Credit – Jenny Symes.

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