2017 3 Peaks Challenge – A success

2017 3 Peaks Teams


The 2017 Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge took place with a full house of teams plus more.  The road to the Aspy Trail was open for the event saving 4 kms …Yeh.   The event involving hiking three trails – two mountains and one coastal trail on cobblestone beaches for a grand total of 25.2 km.  The weather cooperate for the day and hikers enjoyed a number of beaches at the end including Neil’s Harbour Beach and Black Brook Beach.

Aspy Trail, CBHNP

The Aspy trail, 9.6 km, started the event off with a gradual climb to a great view of the North Mountains range.  The second mountain – Tenerife was the toughest mountain at 1200 ft plus with a steep section at the top that made every hiker slow down. The view at the top of the mountain was well worth the climb. The final trail Coastal was tough as the legs were getting tired and the sun was getting hotter.

Tenerife Mountain

Thanks to all  the teams for their great support of this event. Teams came from Mainland Nova Scotia,  PEI, Cape Breton and one team from Ontario.