Meat Cove Mountain (New Trail)

Trail Information

Sunday, September 10, 2017 – 2:00 pm.

We will start at the Meat Cove Welcome Centre and walk up the road back toward Bay St. Lawrence to the top of ’the hill.’  The views of Meat Cove, the ocean, and the coast are best seen walking rather than from a car window. At the top of ‘the hill’ we follow a wood road for about a kilometre inland and then proceed another kilometre or so up a flagged four-wheeler track through the woods. We come out of the woods on the high ridge on the top of Meat Cove Mtn above the Meat Cove look-off. The 360 degree view allows one to see across Cape Breton to Sugar Loaf Mtn, Bay St Lawrence, St. Paul Island, as well as Meat Cove and the ‘backlands.’ A short decent takes us to the ‘big rock’ at the head of the usual ‘old’ trail up the mountain. One can then walk out to the look-off overlooking the MC Welcome Centre and Meat Cove. Returning to the ‘big rock’, we’ll go down the usual trail to the Welcome Centre. Total distance is about 6.5 km. Total time is about 3 hours. The steepest ascent is going up the road at the start of the hike. The descending from the ‘big rock’ to the Welcome Centre is steep and requires caution.

Trailhead – Meet at Meat Cove Welcome Centre
Distance – 6.5 km return
Hiking Time – 3 hours
Difficulty – 4C