Roberts Mountain

Trail Information

Thursday, Sept.14, 2016 – 10:00 am.  

An amazing view at the top of this mountain makes the climb so worthwhile. The hike is broken down into three sections. Section 1 – The trail follows a ‘wood’ road up to an opening where the CBC communication tower and building used to be. Section 2 – the trail is steeper and follows a dirt path through second growth spruce. Section 3 – The path goes straight up through an exposed clear field to the top of the mountain. The trail is very steep and the footing is loose gravel. CAUTION is required not to slip particularly on the way down. Note that the elevation change is 117 meters over a 350 meter trail. The look off from at the end provides a view to MacIntosh Brook  on the Cabot Trail, Pleasant Bay Harbour and to the community of Red River. The trail is a challenging climb. You get an incredible view of the Gulf and of the Pleasant Bay community. This trail is on private land and we have permission to go on this trail by the landowner Tanya Thompson, owner of Windsweep B&B. We thank her for her support of this event. Caution: The exposed portion of the trail can be windy and cool. The trail has no switch-backs. It is steep and parts are gravel and require care not to slip. Dress in layers and wear good hiking boots. Elevation 350 meters.

Time/Distance: 2.5 hrs / 4 km

Difficulty Rating: 5C

Trail head/Starting Point:
Take the turnoff – going to Red River in Pleasant Bay. approximately 2 kms down the Red River road just past Windswept B&B.

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