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Thu 15 Sep 2016 Tom Wilson Acadien Hiking Trail / Cape Breton Highlands National Park / CBHNP / Hike the Highlands / Hike the Highlands Festival Comments Off on Sunny with a Breeze – Great Hiking Conditions / / / / / /

Sunny with a Breeze – Great Hiking Conditions

Today’s weather, sunny with a breeze on Day 5 of Hike the Highlands Festival, provided perfect hiking conditions for the three hikes today. Acadien, Le Buttereau & Le Chemin du Buttereau,  and Cheticamp Gypsum Mine Trail were well attended with over 100 hikers. The Acadien trail  with...Read more

Thu 15 Sep 2011 Tom Wilson 2011 Hike the Highlands Festival / Cape Breton Highlands National Park / Cape Breton Island / CBHNP / Fishing Cove Hiking Trail / Hike the Highlands Festival / Hike the Highlands Guides / Pollett's Cove / Salmon Pool Hiking Trail / Skyline Hiking Trail Comments Off on Day 6 – Records Fall / / / / / / / /

Day 6 – Records Fall

It was a day when records fell and hikers were out in big numbers at Salmon Pools, Le Buttereau & le Chemin du Buttereau and Skyline hikes. The Skyline hike had the most hikers on any hike since the festival started 8 years ago with 75 plus. The total day of hikers was another record....Read more