Meat Cove Mountain

Trail Information

Monday, Sept. 17, 2018, – 9:00am.. 

From the Meat Cove Welcome Center to the trailhead is a short walk back up the road exiting Meat Cove. The trail is a steep steady climb up a valley through small hardwood. Strategically placed ropes help you up (and down) a few particularly steep places. (No crawling necessary.) The trail then follows the top of an open ridge. To the left one looks up the MC River valley and to the right one looks out over the ocean. There may be a few blueberries left- you’ll never find a more dramatic picking site. There is a rock outcrop that towers over Meat Cove. You can look down at the top of your car. Return in the reverse order. Caution: The trail is steep. It may be slick if the weather is damp. The trail up is protected from wind but the ridge on top is totally exposed. The top may be cool and windy. Wear layers and good footwear. Be prepared! Elevation 250 meters.

Time/Distance: 2.- 2.5 hrs / 3.4 km

Difficulty Rating: 5C

Trail head/Starting Point:
Meat Cove Welcome Centre.

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