Group pics

A tradition that has started several years ago was to take group pics at each hike.  Below are the 2015 Group pics. Special thanks to all our photographers –  Sharon Proctor, Sam Schwartz, Lison Dixon, Jenny Symes, and Tom Wilson.


Below are the 2014 Group Photos of the festival.  Special thanks & credits to our photographers – Jenny Syms, Tim Reynolds, Bob Harrison,  Lisa Dixon,  Sam Schwartz and Tom Wilson .


  • Aspy hiking trail group photo
    Aspy hiking Trail, Group Photo - 2014 Hike the Highlands Festival, Photo credit - Tim Reynolds




Here are the group photos for many of the hikes in  2013 at our 10th Annual Hike the Highlands Festival.  Thanks to our group photographers,  Lisa Dixon, Tim Reynolds,  Paul MacDougall, and Tom Wilson .