Hikers Distance Award Program

Program Information

The Hikers Distance Award program features 4 distances – 25 km, 50km, 75 km and 100km. The 25 km pin features a rabbit, 50 km pin is a fox, the 75 km pin is a moose and 100 km pin features an eagle.

Below are photos of the 2016 Hiker Distance Award receiptants at the the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Hike the Highlands Festival. 72% of the hikers registered at this year’s festival received lapel pins . Congratulations to all the hikers.


Below are photos of some of the 2015 Hiker Distance Award receiptants at the closing ceremonies of the 12 Annual Hike the Highlands Festival. 50% of the hikers registered at this year’s festival earned their hikers distance award pins. Congratulations to all the hikers.

2014  Hikers Distance Award Receiptants :

25 km pin – Leona Stockley, Sharon Proctor, Laureen Scheibelhut, Joe Whitty, Dianne Dunphy, Fraser Kennedy, Jenny Lively,  George Lively, Gillies Poirier, Julie Benson, Marina Krassimirova, Patricia MacNeil, Gayle Bourgeois, Carol Gouthro, Hilda Cormier, Evelyn Hiltz, Adele Matsalla.

50 Km pin – Lynda Burks, Yvonne LeBlanc, John MacKenzie, Laureen MacKenzie, Debby Poirier, Bruce Clark, Judy Ferguson,
Bill Ferguson, Linda Donovan, Ray Matsalla, Gerard Fox, Marsha Fox, Shireley MacDonald, Gloria Clifford, Mickey Francis, Carolyn Pelerine, Susan Ford, Sam Schwartz, Audrey Sanger, Don Cook, Robert Harrison.

75 km pinIrene O’Brien, Elaine Wallace, Paul Mack, Sandra LeBlanc, Dennis Crosby, Diane Grant, Barbara MacLean, Frank Whalen, Judy Thielman, Louise Marchand, Daniel Roy, Edwin Harrison, Sherrill Harrison,  Margaret Karrell, Patricia McCormick, Heather Taxbock,  Philip Longmire, Donna MacDonald, Sharon Garroway, Carol MacAskill, Marion Stairs.

100 km pin
Shaune Warren, Rychina Williams, Leslie Buchanan, Paula Reynolds, Kathleen LeBlanc, Tom Wilson, Terry Smith, Nancy MacDonald, James MacNeil, Karen MacNeil, Juanita Sauve, Tim Reynolds, Nancy Issac, Jenny Symes, Dianne Lindsay, Lisa Dixon, Mary Arsenault, Gregory Jurczyszyn, Diane Clark, Dennis Gillis, Rowland Spear.

Below are the 2014 photos of hikers who were presented their lapel pins at closing ceremonies:

  • 2014 Hikers Distance Award -25-km
    2014 Hikers Distance Award -25-km, Photo by Sam Schwartz


Below are the hikers who were presented with their lapel pins at the closing ceremonies on Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 2012.  Thanks to our photographers Robert and Edwin Harrison for their pictures.


Program Details

Each hiker when they registered for the festival will be given a log book. After each hike, you will ask the guide or sweep to initial your log book.  The points given for each hike are based on difficulty. You get Extra Points  if you hike has a degree of difficulty of  3, 4, 5 or C, D, or E.  See below.   For example – the Slatey Point hike  is 3C. You get two extra points plus the 16.6 km =  19 pts.

C- 1 pt.              3 – 1 pt.
D- 2 pts.            4 –  2 pts.
E- 3 pts.            5 – 3 pts.

The points for each hike are listed below to help you in deciding what hikes you will be going on and what distance (25,50, 75, 100 km) for your lapel pin. Generally speaking a weekend of hiking gives you an opportunity to get 25 km,  2 weekends 50 km,  5-7 days 75 km and 10 days – 100 km.

2014 Hikes with Points Below:

Trail Date Time Km Rating Points
Broad Cove Mountain Fri. Sept. 12 5:30 PM 2.3 3C 4 pts.
Sunrise on Jack Pine Sat. Sept. 13 5:45 AM 2.0 3C 3 pts.
Mica Hill Sat. Sept. 13 10:00 AM 8 3C 10 pts.
Warren Lake Sat. Sept. 13 1:00 PM 4.7 2C 6 pts.
Middle Head Sun. Sept. 14 9:00 AM 4 3C 5 pts.
Warren Brook Sun. Sept. 14 9:00 AM 22 3C   25 pts.
Franey Sun. Sept. 14 1:00 PM 7.4 4C 10 pts.
Money Point Light Mon. Sept. 15 9:00 AM 13 5E 19 pts.
Sugar Loaf Mon. Sept. 15 9:00 AM 4 4D 8 pts
Cabot Landing Mon. Sept. 15 1:00 PM 4 1B 4 pts.
Cape St. Lawrence Tue. Sept. 16 9:00 AM 10 5D 15 pts.
Little Grassy & Boardwalk Tues. Sept. 16 10:00 AM 5 3C 7 pts
Meat Cove Mountain Tues. Sept. 16 2:00 PM 4 5C 8 pts.
Salmon Pools Wed. Sept. 17 10:00 AM 12.2 3C 14 pts..
Fishing Cove Wed. Sept. 17 10:00 AM 12 4C 15 pts
Acadien Thurs. Sept. 18 9:00 AM 8.4 4C 12 pts.
Le Buttereau Thurs. Sept. 18 2:00 PM 1.5 2B 2 pts.
Skyline Thurs. Sept. 18 5:30 PM 7.4 2B 7 pts.
Roberts Mountain Fri, Sept. 19 9:00 AM 4 4D 8 pts.
White Point to Burnt Head Fri. Sept. 19 1:30 PM 6.4 3C 8 pts
Ski Cape Smokey Sat. Sept.20 10:00 AM 4 4C 7 pts.
Aspy Sat.Sept. 20 10:00 AM 9.2 3C 11 pts.
Coastal to Neil’s Harbour Beach Sat. Sept. 20 2:00 PM 2 2B 2pts.
Branch Pond Look-off Sun. Sept. 21 10:00 AM 8.4 3C 10 pts.