Hike 3 breathtaking summits in one day!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The 9th Annual Cape Breton Highlands 3 Peaks Challenge will take place on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. The event is held rain or shine. Twenty-four teams ( four members on a team) will have the opportunity to hiked three mountains in one day.  Teams can be mixed, all females and all males. This is not a timed event but a personal challenge.  Each team will designate a captain, their leader. The captain will be responsible to prepare, train, and plan his/her team for this event. Each team is responsible to have a first aid kit. 

The three mountains you will hike in one day include Blueberry MountainRoberts Mountain, and Acadien MountainTotal distance you will hike is 20 km.

The registration fee for 2018 event is $150.00 per team. Your registration fee includes one National Park pass per team, t-shirts for each team member, snacks & water at the end and prizes. Your team will also receive newsletters preparing you for this event. You must register your team and pay online. A team is considered registered only when they have completed the online registration form and payed online. This event was sold out in 6 days last year. 

The event begins at 7:00 am. at the Trail Head at Cap Rouge look-off.  Here is what the itinerary looks like for the day.
a)  6:30 am.  Teams  will pick up their t-shirts, park pass, instructions at the trailhead at the start of the Blueberry Mountain.
b)  6:50 am.   Group Photo at Cap Rouge Look-off.
c)  7:00 am.  Teams start the event
d)  9:00 am. -10:00 am.  Teams arrive back at the Cap Rouge parking lot and head to the second peak – Roberts Mountain
e)  9:30 am. – 10:30 am.  Arrive at Roberts Mountain Parking Lot
f)  10:45 am. – 11:45 pm.   Hike Roberts Mountain,  eat lunch on top.
g)  12:00 pm. – 1:00 pm. Arrive at Roberts Mountain parking lot, then travel to Acadien trail 
h)  12:45 pm – 1:45 pm . Arrive at Acadien Trailhead and begin going up
i)  3:45 pm. – 4:45 pm.  Finished hiking Acadien 

Note:  All times for hikes and driving are approximate.

Last year’s ( 2017) photos of the event.