Three Capes Track – Tasmania, Australia


One of the newest tracks in Australia is the Three Capes Track, open in December 2015.  The video above shows some great views of the track. It is a 4 day walk of 46km long and you stay in huts/cabins.  You start at Port Arthur and take a boat cruise to the start of the trail.  Day 1 is 4 km,  Day 2 – 11 km, Day 3 – 17km and the last day is 14 km. The last day you take a bus shuttle back to Port Arthur.  

Tasmania Parks & Wildife service look after this trail and provides services. They have an excellent website to help you research and plan your hike/trek. The price for this 4 day walk is $495.00 AU and includes your accommodations,  boat cruise, bus shuttle and guide book. You will need to bring food for 4 days. You can cook at the hut/cabins. This hike is on my list to do.