3 Peaks – Coastal

Trail Description
The coastal is not a mountain trail but does provide many challenges along the way including short climbs, cobblestone beaches, rugged sections and much more.  The scenic trails hugs the coastline, beginning at Black Brook and  continues to Halfway Brook. This is an in and out trail. Before roads, locals used to walk to Neil’s Harbour from Ingonish Beach and continue on the next day to Cape North. They would stay at the Halfway house in Neil’s Harbour.  You will pass by several unique spots along the way including :  several look-offs, Squeaker’s Hole (see below),  rocky beaches,  might see lobster fishing boats (depending on your time),  Neil’s Harbour Beach, the lighthouse etc.  There is a red chair above Still Brook Falls at the start of the trail on one of the look-offs. Maybe you can find it .

Length – 11.3 km
Elevation – 150 ft.
Time – 3-4 hours
Trail Difficulty3D