Love at First Hike

Sophia & JF

In 2009, a young lassie, Sophia, from England came to Canada for a year to travel and work.  Her first stop was Hike the Highlands Festival…About midway thru the festival she met a lad from PEI who was studing at University of British Columbia. JF was working at Cape Breton Highlands National Park as a park interpreter and during the hiking festival was one of the guides. They met and got to know each other on several hikes during the festival including Lone Shieling, Skyline, and Broad Cove as well at Thirsty Hiker Pub. 

Their relationship continued and love blossomed over the next two years. JF was always proud to say he met Sophia at Hike the Highlands. Recently they were married at University of British Columbia. On behalf of Hike the Highlands team and fellow hikers, congratulations to both of you on your marriage and we wish you all the best.  Hopefully someday you will come back for a visit and see us again at our hiking festival.

Below are some pics of  Sophia and JF at Hike the Highlands Festival in 2009 when they met.  Photo credits to Wally Hayes & Tom Wilson. Thanks Marieve for the title of the Post.

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