Franey Hike – Thanksgiving Weekend

October 16, 2008 By Tom Wilson Uncategorized

It has long been a tradition for my wife, Heather,  and I to hike Franey Hiking trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on Thanksgiving weekend. This year we were treated to great weather and were joined by our nephew Brad and his girlfriend Laura and our friend Gerard from Ferryland, NFLD.  A warm sunny day brought out lots of hikers and the parking lot was full. 

This was Laura’s first time hiking Franey so her favorite question was -how many more hills Tom ? But she did fine and enjoyed the view on top as did many others. The leaves were about 50% changed and seemed more colorful looking down the Clyburn Valley to Slatey Point.  Directly below Franey is the old Gold Mine. Met a nice couple from Ottawa who are here for some hiking and Celtic Colours International Festival.

There was very little wind on top of Franey so you didn’t need a jacket this time. We had a great lunch thanks to Heather and enjoyed the view of the Clyburn Valley, Middlehead,  South Bay & North Bay.  I took my wide angles lens with me and took a number of photos. Still learning how to use it but I am getting better each time out.

 We arrived back at the house and took our cat, Jersey blue,  out for a stroll. She enjoyed playing with the leaves. The day ended with a social down at my wife’s sister house where Laura played the violin and a good time was enjoyed by all.  The next night my wife’s sister got engaged. It was quite a memorable Thanksgiving weekend.

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