Their are still Angels out there

September 18, 2008 By Tom Wilson Uncategorized
Angels at Hike the Highlands

Angels at Hike the Highlands

I was always taught by my parents to respect your elders and help them when they need assistance. Hike the Highlands certainly provided a classic example today at Fishing Cove. An elder and respected citizen from Cheticamp, Lorraine Deveau, required help in completing the hike today. An avid walker of 5 miles daily found the hike today at Fishing Cove a bit more difficut terrain than she was used to. Her angels as she called them came forward and provided the motivation and help to make her complete the hike. Many thanks to all of you….I believe you know who you are. Yes, their are still angels out there.

Todays hikes at the festival were at Fishing Cove, Acadien and LeButtereau in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Hikers were treated to another nice day of weather, comarardie of fellow hikers and a great picture taking day. Special thanks to our guides – Derek Quann & Lisa Dixon at Fishing Cove,  Marieve Therriault at Acadien and Angie Payne at LeButtereau and their sweeps Simon Boudreau,  Sandra Lefort, Julie Thomas and Nadien Deveau for a splendid job.  Thanks to Jocelyne Quann for her evening presentation “It is Cool to be Boreal”

Here a few pics of the Fishing Cove hike today –

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Tomorrow’s hikes include North River Big Falls, North River Little Falls and Usige Ban falls. It is Falls Day at Hike the Highlands.

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