Day 5 – Beulach Ban Falls and Roberts Mountain

Hiker Distance Award Program

Hikers continued their quest for the Hikers distance award (25, 50 or 100 km) during the 2011 Hike the Highlands Festival. Close to 80 hikers enjoyed Beulach Ban Falls/Aspy and Roberts Mountain hikes on another sunny day.

Beulach Ban Falls

Beulach Ban Falls /Aspy trail was a new hike this year and received good reviews from the hikers. Hikers were treated to the Beulach Ban Falls, Aspy River and North Mountain for views on this 9.2 km hike.

Roberts Mountain, Pleasant Bay

Minke whales were spotted before we started Roberts Mountain hike by our guide, Tina Roach and later when we returned. It was hot hiking up Roberts Mountain but the views were incredible at the summit. You could see Pleasant Bay harbour, Whale Interpretative Centre and MacIntosh Brook. CBC TV have a small tower up on top and below.   Many thanks to Tanya Thompson for giving us permission to hike on her land.

Today’s hikes  are Salmon Pools, Le Buttereau and Le chemin du Buttereau and Skyline. Another sunny day for the festival with a high of 26.

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