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Mon 19 Sep 2016 Tom Wilson 2016 Hike the Highlands Festival Comments Off on North River Falls – A True Adventure / / / / / / /

North River Falls – A True Adventure

  Hiking to Nova Scotia’s highest waterfalls, North River, at 105 feet was the highlight for many hikers on Day 8 (Sept. 16,) of the 2016 Hike the Highlands Festival. The 18 km return trail in a wilderness area, provides a true adventure especially past the middle section with ups and...Read more

Sat 27 Sep 2014 Tom Wilson 2014 Hike the Highlands Festival / Cape Breton Highlands National Park Comments Off on Day 9 – Three Hikes today / / / /

Day 9 – Three Hikes today

Today was a busy day on Day 9 of the Hike the Highlands Festival. Hikers enjoyed 3 hikes today – Ski Cape Smokey -4km,  Aspy -9km and Coastal to Neil’s Harbour beach -2 km.  Ski Cape Smokey is a new hike in 2014 with amazing view at the summit. Aspy received a lot of work […]Read more