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10 Tips for Spring Hiking

I have learned over the years several lessons and tips to being prepared for spring hiking especially in the highlands of Cape Breton. They are: 1) Expect snow in May on trails, 2) expect high streams and difficult wet crossings. 3) Use hiking or trekking poles for balance and stability. 4) Wear...Read more

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Preparing for the season – Part 4 – Set Goals & Challenges

While I am preparing for the season, I usually set goals and challenges to keep me motivated before and during the hiking season. I am fortunate that I live in a hiking environment that has no shortages of challenges each year. They include two in Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Hike 10...Read more

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Preparing for the season – Part 3 – Fitness Level

It has been a quite a winter here in Northern Cape Breton and the highlands. It looks like it will be another month or so before the trails will be clear before hiking starts.  Throughout the winter, many of us have stayed active by snowshoeing, walking, skating, skiing and working out indoors (...Read more

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Nikon S9900

Nikon has come out with a number of new cameras this spring. The latest is the  Nikon Coolpix S9900 . It is a great camera for hikers. It is lightweight and can fit in your pocket or small camera bag that can be attached to your hiking pants or daypack. The camera features a 30 […]Read more

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Preparing for the Season – Part 2 -Clothing

An important part of preparing for the upcoming season is checking your clothing inventory and see if you need to replace and add anything for  hiking this year. Look at your budget and determine what is required. A number of outdoor stores/companies have items on sale during the winter/spring...Read more

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Hike the Highlands – Snowshoe Series

Hike the Highlands Festival Society will be hosting three snowshoe hikes this winter(2015) in partnership with Hike Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Watch for the Hike the Highlands Sign for parking area. All hikes start at 10:00 am. 1)  Freshwater Lake – Saturday, Jan....Read more

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2015 – A New Year of Challenges

I have registered for my first challenge of the new year – 1000 km hiker distance award with Hike Nova Scotia. In this challenge you must walk, snowshoe or hike 1000 km in Nova Scotia.  In past years, I have came close, but close doesn’t count.  Fingers crossed for 2015. I am off to a...Read more